Walcott Whips Up Waffles for PS 10

The Schools Chancellor hit up the Slope school this morning to show off his waffle-making skills.

Freshly-appointed Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott has already made good on at least one promise – to make waffles for the kids of Park Slope’s PS 10.

Walcott hit up the school this morning – waffle iron in tow – after PS 10 students challenged him to strut his waffle-making skills. The kids issued the challenge after Walcott bragged about his waffles at one of his regular visits to the school last year.

The secret to Walcott’s waffles? They’re a healthy version of the breakfast treat, made from soymilk, bananas, egg whites, extra virgin olive oil and Aunt Jemina’s waffle mix. The kids topped the waffles with sugar-free maple syrup.

“Anything you can do to support healthy eating is good, especially for the kids,” said Walcott as he whipped up a whopping 16 batches of waffles for the 14 members of the school’s Student Council Executive Board (and a few lucky teachers and reporters).

He added: “I haven’t heard anything from the kids about the waffles being sugar free, so shhh!”

The waffles certainly seemed to wow the kids.

“I think they’re really good and I’ve had a lot of waffles” said Laur Lacaearo, a first grader and self-proclaimed waffle expert.

Fifth-grader Michael Vazquez thought the waffles were so good, he even asked Walcott for the recipe.

“I like that the waffles are very healthy, because they’re made with natural sugars,” said Vazquez, a member of the Student Council’s Healthy Steps Committee.

“And it tastes really good,” Vazquez added, taking a bite into a waffle covered in syrup.

Walcott, a healthy eater himself, said he hopes that kids can learn to eat healthy by example. But today, kids were allowed to gorge on as many of Walcott’s waffles as they wanted. Decked out in an apron reading “Kiss the PS 10 Cook” Walcott served plate after plate of waffles as he joked around with the kids, a few little ones even running up to give him a hug.

“He’s a leader, and an educator, but he’s also a dad,” said PS 10 Principal Laura Scott, reflecting on Walcott’s visit. “I think that’s the side of him that no one is really looking at.”

R L B April 17, 2011 at 03:04 AM
Doesn't anybody have a clue ? WHAT does making waffles have to do with learning reading, writing, and arithmetic to qualify to go to college ???? Want to make any bets as to whether the NYC school system is going to do any better ? Check out the simple contrast: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/earl-martin-phalen/dr-steve-perry-education_b_849264.html downhomephilospher@gmail.com


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