SAT Scores Up at Framingham High; Students Scored Better Than State, National Average

Keefe Technical scores were below the national and state average.

Framingham High School seniors' SAT scores increased, going against a  national trend of lower scores on the college-entrance exam.

SAT scores at Framingham High in 2012 were higher in reading, math and writing than scores in 2011, according to results released this week.

And Framingham High students scored better than students across the Commonwealth and the nation.

In 2012, 295 Flyers took the SATs. Their scores were 512 in critical reading, 552 in math, and 515 in writing. (Total average of 1,579)

The SAT exam is divided into three sections: reading, writing and math. The maximum score in each is 800 points.

In 2011, Framingham students' average scores were 503 in reading, 538 in math and 510 in writing.

The statewide average this year was 506 for reading, 523 for math, and 500 for writing.

Keefe Technical School scores in 2012 were 407 in reading, 418 in math and 389 in writing.

Nationally, reading scores fell to their lowest level in four decades. College-bound seniors scored an average of 496 points in reading, a 34-point drop since 1972, reported the College Board, which administers the SAT test.

Nationally, the average writing scores were 488, the lowest level since 2006, and the national math score was 514.

The College Board, in a press release, said students needed to achieve a combined score of 1550 out of a total of 2400 points to demonstrate they were well-prepared for college, indicating a 65 percent likelihood they would earn a B- average or higher during their freshman year of college.

2012 Framingham High students on average had a combined score of 1579.

The College Board report stated only 43 percent of 2012 high school seniors who took the test showed they were fully prepared for college.

Nationally, more than ever, the population of students taking the SAT reflects the diverse makeup of America's classrooms.

Among SAT takers in the class of 2012:

  • 45 percent were minority students (up from 44 percent in the class of 2011 and 38 percent in the class of 2008) making this the most diverse class of SAT takers ever.
  • 28 percent reported that English was not exclusively their first language (up from 27 percent in the class of 2011 and 24 percent in the class of 2008).
  • Among public school SAT takers in the class of 2012, 25 percent reported that English was not exclusively their first language, up from 23 percent five years ago.
  • 36 percent of all students reported their parents' highest level of education as a high school diploma or less.
  • 62% of Hispanic SAT takers in the class of 2012 are first-generation college goers.


Cheryl Tully Stoll September 26, 2012 at 11:35 AM
Congratulations to everyone at Framingham High!
Gerald C W Heng Sr. September 26, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Its really Great & Gratifying to know Framingham High has done so well at SAT Scores,some skeptics say SAT Scores [Scholastic Aptitute Tests ? some say Attitue Tests ] Be that as it may,Ivy League and Good Public Universities nationwide use them as a kind of Gate-Keeper's Watch at the Initial Admissions Process. My dear daughter Sharmaine got about 1500 + out of 1800 at Maths and English Verbal went onto Columbia University New York City, then scored LSAT at the top 96-98% and went onto U Penn Law graduating in 3 years with a Juris Doctor and now admitted to the MA, New York & DC Bars,even though she spent 4 years working as an Economist Analyst at Economists Inc, LLP Washington DC. The Objective Scholastic Aptitute Tests measure not only knowledge but also a range of cerebral skills.Besides, I will always say the ancient, antiquated Chinese Imperial Court Official Examinations of the ancient Confucius Tradition weren't that far wrong when they selected top scoring candidates just on Scores alone without regard to race,religion or economic class or region of the country or age ! The Femme Gender inclusion wasn't then in place,as they were busy so it was said making Mittens for Winter ! Gerald Heng Sr. Metrowest Cambridge, MA.


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