Sin City in the Slope: Neighborhood Heroin Ring Busted

Authorities arrested 12 dealers for sales of heroin and cocaine after an undercover investigation.

The serene, tree-lined streets of Park Slope were apparently the perfect backdrop for a Brownstone Brooklyn drug ring dealing in heroin and cocaine.

Officials have arrested 12 local residents after the four loosely-linked drug rings sold undercover officers over $70,000 worth of heroin and cocaine.

Over 60 sales took place in broad daylight, on high-traffic streets like Seventh  and Second streets right off of Prospect Park West, according to officials.

Dealers frequently sold the junk in translucent envelopes stamped with the brand name “Sin City.”

Edwin Perez, the alleged ringleader and main target of the investigation, is a 19th Street resident. He supplied heroin to street-level dealers in the area, instructing his drug-dealing cronies to meet him at various locations off Prospect Park that he referred to as “the office.” He conducted the sales from his three-wheeled motorcycle, or luxury vehicles.

Perez, 32, would pull up alongside a customer’s vehicle, toss the drugs through the window, and speed off in less than a minute – sometimes conducting sales in the middle of traffic, authorities said.

In the largest sale to an undercover NYPD officer, Perez arrived on his motorcycle to deliver a Sephora bag containing 2,000 glassines of heroin in exchange for $10,000.

Officials said that in yet another sale, Perez’s young child sat in the passenger seat of the car as he conducted the sale.

The arrests were the result of a long-term investigation by the NYPD’s Borough Brooklyn South Narcotics Squad and New York City Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan’s office. 

Perez was apprehended on Tuesday along with his two closest drug-dealing companions – his brother, Francisco Perez, 33, and Jose Trinidad, 42. They are together charged with approximately two dozen sales of heroin and cocaine to undercover officers.

Upon the arrest, officers seized approximately 1,400 glassines of heroin from a front compartment on the motorcycle, as well as a helmet painted with the words “Sin City.”

Police made one final arrest Friday afternoon, bringing the total to 12 arrests.

On Friday, locals strolling down Prospect Park West were shocked by the news.

"I wouldn't think that something like that would happen here. Maybe something like that could happenin the park, but not on the streets. This is a family neighborhood," said Natasha Borisova, 29, who lives just blocks away from where the deals went down on Prospect Park West and 12th Street.

"This is generally preceived as one of the safest places in New York City," said Tony Edelstein, 47, another Prospect Park West resident. "There's not a whole lot of unsavory elements in Park Slope."

One local, who declined to give her name, was so shocked upon hearing the news that her jaw literally dropped as she exclaimed, "Oh my god! In this neighborhood?"

Among the group of dealers arrested, another ring is charged with conducting about a dozen sales in Windsor Terrace spots such as Joe’s Pizza. Another eight drug dealers, not affiliated with the drug rings, were additionally arrested for selling heroin and cocaine in the neighborhood.

Edwin Perez and Francisco Perez were remanded from Manhattan Supreme Court today, while Jose Trinidad is being held on $500,000 bail.

An attorney for Perez did not immediately respond to a call for comment.  

COCK May 03, 2011 at 01:40 AM
Stephen Smith May 03, 2011 at 03:51 PM
Sad to say,but the drug business is like any other Business in America. People will engage in crime because Crime DOES PAY! Think of America's past there were Rum runner's,Bootleggers, and Drug Dealers way before 2011, it just happens to be illegal. Like Verzion,Directv,Citi Bank, Apple Computers, etc. it's a Business. I just wish we could stop it! But Economics 101 Supply and Demand fuels any business. So we need to teach all of our childred the Dangers of drug use.
Ladydi69126 May 03, 2011 at 07:11 PM
UH Pot is Illegal also !
Louis H May 04, 2011 at 02:18 AM
This is old hat. Park slope has been the most notorious of White neighborhoods for heroin since the late 1950's. Webster Place & Prospect Ave is still bad. I can't believe people are so naive, or blind. John Jay HS was the regional school, when I graduated in 1974, I believe 2/3 of my classmates were playing with dope. These people still live in the area, so there is a demand for the drug. There is also quite a few methadone maintenance programs in the area due to this epidemic: Caton &Coney Island Ave, Gowanus Pathmark building, and 21 St & 3 Ave. Most old junkies take the B61 bus down to the Van Dyke St. clinic , in Red Hook, to get their methadone and make a play for some Xanax, to simulate heroin.
Dee May 07, 2011 at 08:05 PM
Like with everthing else cops always exagerate what's going on and fabricate information so they could look good. People do what they have to do to eat and support there family. If most people had the opportunity to sell drugs and make the type of money they were making they would probably do it also. Lets also not mistaken just because they took him and his team off the streets there are people still out there doing the same thing, and even more people out there trying to fill in those empty slots. these people might be selling drugs to survive, but think about it, who is the one bringing in the drugs into this country? Those are the real crooks that need to be taken off the streets and brought to justice. Drugs are still going to be sold in Park Slope. Look at the satistics. The game doesn't change only the players!!!!


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