Quinn Gets Endorsement of Key Women’s Super PAC

Emily’s List gets behind Christine Quinn in a bid to make history


A woman has never been elected as mayor of New York City, but a group of about 2.4 million influential women hopes to change that very soon.

Emily’s List, the influential super PAC that backs Democratic women, has agreed to throw its weight behind NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn in her campaign for mayor, reported The New York Times.

At least one early poll shows Quinn leading with women, four to one. But as women typically make up a majority of Democratic primary voters in New York, Quinn’s quest to establish a clear gender gap becomes more imperative than ever.

The women’s group – usually focused on national elections -- has never endorsed a mayoral candidate. This will be the first for the super PAC, as it attempts to help Quinn make history.

“We have an enormous membership that is totally committed to women’s leadership, has achieved incredible results in 2012, and is looking for the next opportunity,” Jen Bluestein, communications director of Emily’s List, told the paper.

“Electing a young woman mayor of the largest city in America is a huge next step.”


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