Michael Bloomberg: The Final Frontier

With just one year in office remaining, what will the mayor's priorities be?

Michael Bloomberg has had a long, tumultuous tenure in the mayor's office, and it's coming to a close in 2013. 

He took office in a city that was reeling from the horror of Sept. 11, 2001, and will leave behind five boroughs that look very different.

On his watch, city schools, parks and mass transit have all seen substantial changes, just to name a few.

Looking ahead to the next twelve months, here are the four issues/areas we think hizzoner will concentrate on before it's time to hit that dusty trail:

1. Gun Control: The tragedy in Newtown has crystalized Bloomberg's resolve to spearhead a new initiative to curb gun violence. Bloomberg has always been a man looking for his next step, and nationwide gun control laws are an area in which he can be influential even after he's out of office. He'll likely pay a lot of money and attention to advocate for gun control laws in New York City, state and across the country in 2013.

2. New York City Public Schools: Bloomberg folded the New York City Public School system into the Mayor's Office in 2002, and had mayoral control extended through 2015 six years later. Look for Bloomberg to make a major push towards taming the teacher's union and changing city schools beyond just a new evaluation system. It's yet another legacy he'd like to hang his hat on. 

3. Climate Change: New York City, over the next 100 years, is likely to be hugely impacted by rising sea levels. With his PlaNYC 2030 initiative, Bloomberg had hoped to start the city down the path of environmental righteousness. While that program has been, in many ways, forgotten (the site's most recent update was in 2011) Bloomberg will want to be remembered as a man who helped New York avoid what could be a water-logged future.

4. The 2013 Mayoral Race: He can't help himself. Bloomberg is nothing if not a micro-manager, and there have already been reports that he's somewhat dissatisfied with the current crop of potential mayoral replacements. He'll want to do whatever he can to guarantee New York's next mayor is someone he approves of. 

Harriet Brown January 02, 2013 at 08:34 PM
Bloomberg is a dictator. He is used to using his money to buy whatever he wants. That included a third term. It is time for him to go. GOOD RIDDANCE.
Elaine January 02, 2013 at 10:11 PM
Ken: I too slow down and stop for red lights, but let's not confuse the idea that the mayor actually installed these cameras to increase safety! Far from it, they are to raise revenue, which is the motivation for everything he has done in 3 terms (one term that he forced on us!). And I do agree that the field of candidates we have to choose from is abysmal, at best. They are all absolutely awful. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans seem capable of putting up a decent candidate for the mayoral race. Ray Kelly would've been great, but it seems he has no desire to run. Ah well.
Ken January 03, 2013 at 12:04 AM
The only way Bloomberg can collect on the red light cameras is if people go through the red lights. So, if you stop for the red light, then the city doesn't get any money. Simple, isn't it? Ray Kelly run for mayor?...He's a lot smarter than that. And, he's not a politician! Which leaves us with who...?
Concerned Voter January 03, 2013 at 01:25 AM
Hi Ken: Please open your eyes. If you are traveling at the speed limit, Red Light cameras provide insufficient time for someone to safely stop especially when someone is right behind you. If the objective was safety, then each RED LIGHT camera would have a countdown clock next to it so that law abiding motorists like myself can begin to slow down without having to choose between a ticket or a car in my back seat. But this won't happen because the Red Light cameras were installed for revenue purposes only. I also agree with Elaine that the current slate of candidates is abysmal. And yes I agree with you that Bloomberg was a better choice than those who ran against him. However, he clearly has lost his footing and his relentless pursuit of tax dollars from middle taxpayers when the well is dry is unacceptable. Finally, don't be naive. If the Mayor wanted water rates to remain steady or rise at the rate of inflation, he clearly has the authority to do so. Unfortunately for us, he takes cover behind agencies like the NYC Water Board when they impose double-digit increases and then taxpayers like you, believing he has nothing to do with it, absolve him from all responsibility.
Scottilla January 03, 2013 at 05:16 PM


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