Manhattan Judge Reverses Stop-and-Frisk Ruling in the Bronx

A Manhattan federal judge temporarily reversed her own decision to ban New York City police from making trespass stops outside of private Bronx apartment buildings

The U.S. district judge who ruled a key part of the NYPD Stop-and-Frisk tactic is unconstitutional has temporarily reversed her decision, reported the Wall Street Journal.

On January 7, Judge Shira Scheindlin in Manhattan ruled in the Ligon vs. the City of New York, a challenge of the “Clean Halls” program, making it illegal for police officers patrolling private residential buildings in the Bronx to stop someone under a suspicion of tresspass.

Interestingly, the judge’s decision to reverse her own ruling was not because of a legal discrepancy or a flaw in the ruling. Instead, Judge Scheindlin reversed the decision because of the potential administrative costs to the NYPD.

The city requested Judge Scheindlin lift the ban, arguing that to stop the program suddenly would entail training and administrative expenses on the part of the NYPD that may exceed what becomes necessary after the final ruling.

"Any unnecessary administrative costs imposed on the NYPD will be in some sense irreversible," Judge Scheindlin said.

City Attorney Heidi Grossman said, "We believe the court correctly lifted the immediate relief it had ordered."


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