Fourth Avenue Trash-Talk

Near Atlantic Terminal, trash strewn sidewalks and corners dominate.

Fourth Avenue is a filthy mess. 

The wide boulevard that runs through Brooklyn and divides neighborhood is covered in trash near Atlantic Avenue, forcing residents heading to the borough’s busiest transit hub to trudge through litter and recyclables first.

"It's ridiculous," said Warren Street resident Daniel Sieradski. "This isn't acceptable."

Trash removal throughout the borough has been delayed since the late December snowstorm. Much of the snow (now melted) has covered up all that litter, but still residents are dismayed at the slow clean-up.

And at least according to Sieradski, it's always like this.

"There's always constant filth there," he said. "There's a motorcycle surrounded in trash that's been sitting there for four months."

Councilmember Steve Levin said he was going to call the local Sanitation garage and inquire about why the blocks leading up to Atlantic Avenue have for so long been forsaken trash and litter removal.

"Areas where there is such high pedestrian traffic, absolutely they should step up their pick-up," said Levin in an interview.

A spokesperson for the Department of Sanitation said they "don't have a priority list."

"We are working to get Avenues like that cleared, that's why Alternate Side Parking is back in effect," said a spokesperson for the agency.

Levin also pointed out that Monday was the first day Alternate Side Parking was in effect for some time, which facilitates street sweeping and curb clean-up.

"People are upset about that," he said, in a nod towards residents who had trouble digging their cars out from under ice and snow. "But we should take advantage of that."

, President of the Boerum Hill Association, echoed Sieradski's comment.

"It's always been a problem up there," he said. "It's always a bad area [for trash]."


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