Election 2012: Polling Places Update in Park Slope

Make sure you triple check before heading to the polls tomorrow, Nov. 6. There are a few polling sites in Park Slope which have changed due to Hurricane Sandy.

Before heading out to cast your vote tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 6, in the 2012 general election, Park Slopers should be sure to confirm their designated polling site.

Due to Hurricane Sandy's impact on the area and shelters created in the area, a few polling site locations have changed.

To find out where you should go and vote tomorrow, type in the address of where you are registered (your home address) at the Board of Elections website.

Important Note on Poll Location Changes: Due to Hurricane Sandy, there will be some changes in voting locations. Make sure you know where to go and cast you ballot.

For example, if you are supposed to vote at the Park Slope Armory you will have to go to P.S. 154, on 1625 11 Avenue in Windsor Terrace instead. If you are supposed to vote at John Jay on Seventh Ave., you will have to go and vote at P.S. 282, at 180 Sixth Avenue between Lincoln and Berkeley places.

For another voting poll location reference, go to the New York State Voter Public Information website. Once you click the link, you can look up where you are supposed to vote.

If you have any questions, important information we should share with all of our readers, or just want to share your voting experience, leave a comment in the comments section below!


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