Brooklyn Reacts to Mitt Romney’s VP Candidate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan

Thoughts from around the borough on Mitt Romney’s newly-named running mate for his 2012 presidential bid.

A few hours after the news broke on Saturday — Mitt Romney picked U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., to be his Vice Presidential candidate — Brooklyn spoke their mind.

The viewpoints coming from the blue county on the seventh-term congressman, who is also the chairman of the House Budget Committee, ranged from disappointment to confidence.

Glenn P. Nocera, the president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans Club, released a statement in support of Romney’s decision.

“The choice of Ryan will bring excitement to the Conservative base of the Party. We at the Brooklyn Young Republican Club wish Congressman Paul Ryan good luck in his quest to restore America back to economic success,” Nocera wrote.

“Join us this November in making sure President Obama joins the rolls of the current 8.3% unemployed Americans, which have been suffering for the last four years to find any work under the Presidents [sic.] disastrous economic policies. Its [sic.] time for America to become that shining city on top of a hill once again. Please Vote Romney, Ryan 2012 and restore America.” 

Mitt Romney’s campaign made the announcement early Saturday morning and later in the day the Republican duo attended three rallies in Virginia, which is a swing state.

Ryan, who is 42 years old, is a young Vice Presidential candidate and 23 years younger than Romney. The Congressman is the primary author of the Republican Party’s tax and spending cut plan. He also advocates changing the Medicare program, what people call “Obamacare.”

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, D-Brooklyn, , also released a statement on Saturday.

"Mitt Romney has chosen a running mate who is the architect of plan that gives tax cuts to the super-rich and slashes services for working families,” Jeffries wrote in the statement. “Paul Ryan supports decimating education funding, dismantling Medicare and burdening the unemployed.”

Jeffries said that if Ryan—a former speechwriter for Jack Kemp—became vice president, it would not benefit the economy. 

“Given the chance, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will weaken our nation's economy instead of helping to move it forward,” Jeffries wrote. “This decision further confirms that New Yorkers and the country should re-elect Barack Obama as our president."  

A few Brooklyn residents who spoke with Patch echoed Jeffries discontent for the vice presidential candidate.

A Bed-Stuy resident who was in Fort Greene on Saturday said Romney’s running mate will make it easier for Obama to get re-elected. 

“I think it’s great news that Ryan was named the VP candidate because it just means Democrats will win. I don’t think Ryan brings anything new and fresh to the table,” Sidney Morris said. 

A Cobble Hill resident agreed with Morris that Ryan being on the Republican ticket ensures that Obama will have four more years in the White House.

“Ryan is making it an easy road for Obama, but if he wins it says that the majority of our country is shifting towards being more conservative,” Luis Espinoza said. “If he can convince 50 million people to vote for him and Romney, I’ll find out that I don’t know this country as much as I thought I did.”

On Fourth Avenue in Park Slope, one man said that Ryan was an obvious choice.

“Romney is trying to appeal to the conservative base, the fiscal conservatives, because Ryan is a pro-austerity Republican,” Peter Johnson said, who lives in South Slope.

But that said, Johnson thinks that Romney is “shooting himself in the foot” by picking Ryan.

“Ultimately, it’s a dumb choice. It’s a sign of desperation more than anything. In many ways the two have been at odds with what they want for the country,” Johnson said. “Their opposing views will come out in the debates and the pundits will definitely be talking about it.”

Johnson’s friend, An Do, said that Ryan does not have the appeal she thinks a candidate should have.

“Ryan is not that relatable. What has been galvanizing Republicans is the Tea Party and downtrodden people during this economy, not rich businessmen and career politicians,” Do said. “He does not have the folk appeal Romney needs.”

What do you think about Mitt Romney choosing Rep. Paul Ryan to be his vice presidential nominee? Let us know in the comments section below!

Hugh Jassols August 23, 2012 at 01:08 AM
Hugh Jassols August 23, 2012 at 01:29 AM
MS CONSERVATIVE... I see you drink TEA too. First off I love how you chose to compare Obama to Hitler way to draw ire at the man thats classic Tea Bagger strategy compare your opposition to someone so appalling people would might be too shy to defend the man. Well I call you on your bullshit first off if you're going to compare Obama and Hitler let me compare you to MacCarthy who would point out outrageous claims against people to sway and intimidate the weak and easily frazzelled. You see if you wanted to you could have compared Obama to Bill Clinton or even Richard Nixon because they all pushed higher taxes on the rich and tried to pass universal healthcare. And if you want to talk about people who say the same lie over and over again lets look at Geogie Bush who during his second election just repeated 9/11... 9/11... 9/11 over and over and people clapped and swallowed his path of destruction. You talk about no money producing Green Jobs but the state of Iowa has seen a turn around in jobs and their economy by using grants to become the largest US manufacturer of wind turbines. If Romney Ryan get in there the first thing they will do is cut those tax breaks and Iowa would lose tens of thousands of jobs. And yes Sanitation workers are green energy workers when they operate recycling plants and their landfill produces methane gas. And contrary to your belief the rich don't pay their fair share of taxes ask a CPA he'll break it down for you. No TEA being sipped here.
President Reagan August 25, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Hi, Patti, I think you need to do some research first before you open your big mouth. I did my research for you. The President of the Brooklyn Young Republican club never wrote roles he wrote rolls. Here is a link to his web page with his statement. http://www.brooklynyr.com/2012/08/11/romney-picks-congressman-paul-ryan-as-his-running-mate/
President Reagan August 27, 2012 at 01:33 PM
Well Patti it seems if you read this article again you will see that the writer of this article corrected Roles for you. It now says Rolls. Stop calling people illiterate. The President of the Young Republicans wrote Rolls in his article originally. Just like a liberal always resorting to name calling,because they know they are wrong.
Dios Thunders September 01, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Bain corp out souces 15 tousand jobs were lost he wants to get maericans working start packing cos your moving to India china indonesia for your new jobs Bain corp invested in a Bio tect firm studing stem cell research using aborted fetuses though claims he is anti abortion he is anti women why did it take so longto give his tax papers... cos it took that long for lawyers and accountants to cook his books at least the ones in america not in oversea banks but forget all that for now Does anyone undertand the sienceof BODY LANGUAGE? I missed RAYINS Speach but the photos Ive seen tell alot Mitts got really bad body language he is stiff hardley looked the camera in the eye meaning to all watching millions of americans you didnt see his hands and I bet they were clenched he leaned back ward more than forward very closed off he smiled but frowned at thesame time the ends of his mouth when he talked he only showed his teeth and smilled when he go a huge cheer and applause he was shifty eyed and more look up body language or if you know a really experianced cop or detective talk to them about it also like liars do they change there stories al lthe time He was really foolish to attack Russia and Cuba Iraqs hot headed president He was insulting IT TAKES AN AMERICAN TO RUN AMERICA he skirt the truthabout so manythings he talked alotbut SAID NOTHING! No real plan Nothing He basically yapped and insulted other leaders and women and gays rights.


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