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Cops: Brooklyn Woman Murdered Housemate, Spread…

Woman Charged After Allegedly Taking Children From Brooklyn Home

A woman was taken into custody after she convinced two children in Brooklyn to come to the park with her.

Photo credit: Tanenhaus vis Flickr.com
Photo credit: Tanenhaus vis Flickr.com
Two children are safe today as police found them playing in a nearby park after a woman managed to take them from the front yard of their home in Borough Park.

Police identified the suspect as Karen Cohen. The two children's grandmother said that her daughter-in-law turned away for a moment when Cohen approached the children and convinced them that their mother said it was ok to go with her.

Further details on how the event unfolded is not yet available. Police spent two hours searching for the children before finding them in the park.

“They were very overwhelmed when the police took them. That was more overwhelming than the whole thing,” the grandmother told CBS New York.

Police took Cohen to the 66th Precinct where she was arraigned and charged with two counts of endangering child welfare.


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