NYPD Crime Prevent Tip: Laptop Theft

Make sure you know how to keep your laptop safe.


Almost everywhere you look people are using their laptops in public: at cafes, on the subway, in the park.  These expensive and mobile (and almost necessary for everyone these days) computers are easy targets for criminals.

The NYPD’s Crime Prevention Bureau said that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds and 97 percent are never recovered, thanks to recent statistics from the FBI. 

Below is the NYPD’s best suggestions to help prevent your laptop from being stolen.

  • Do not leaving it unattended while at school, the library, or in class (e.g. while going to the bathroom)
  • Utilize a cable lock to secure your laptop to your desk - even in your dorm room or at home
  • You should not use your laptop on public transportation, remain alert and aware of your surroundings
  • Utilize a boot or startup password to protect your personal information
  • Consider installing tracking software (similar to LoJack) to aid in the recovery of the laptop after a theft, or utilize the native services on the device (Back To My Mac etc)
  • Register your laptop and its serial number with your local Precinct’s crime prevention office, and keep documentation of your purchase (receipts etc)

For more information on all of the programs the NYPD Crime Prevent Bureau offers, or for additional crime prevention tips, please visit www.nypdcommunityaffairs.org.


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