And Then There Were Three: Four Miracle Gosling Count Slips to Three

One of the park's goslings appears to have disappeared.

The Four Miracle Prospect Park Goslings appear now to have dwindled to a precious three.

There is a very strong possibility that the missing gosling was in some way deformed and/or mildly retarded as a result of the "egg addling" technique used by the current goose management program implemented by the Prospect Park Alliance.

The park staff – as trained by the Humane Society – performs an extremely aggressive technique called "egg addling."  Workers douse any viable egg found in the park with corn oil, depriving the emerging fetus of oxygen – literally suffocating it.

If there is a heavy downpour or some other natural accident that removes the oil, the bird will continue to develop.  There is, however,  the risk that any bird born after receiving this treatment might be in some way deformed or slightly retarded.   This may have been the case with our missing gosling.

We are not yet certain whether the remaining three are robust and healthy or also compromised.  If so, then a big "thanks" to everyone at the Alliance.  

According to the Prospect Park Alliance's own website:

In September of 2010 Prospect Park formed a Wildlife Management Advisory Committee consisting of professionals involved with animal welfare, education, science and urban park management and local community representatives.

In November of 2010 the Park drafted a Canada Goose Management Plan based on specific recommendations from the Committee.   The aim of this Plan is to maintain the goose population at levels that will facilitate cleaner shorelines and water, support a diverse array of waterfowl within Prospect Park’s 585 acres, and potentially keep the population of Canada Geese in the Park low enough to avoid intervention by federal agencies.

While the Prospect Park Alliance is almost hysterical about its wildlife and states its interest in facilitating "cleaner shorelines and water"  – it seems to consistently neglect and turn a blind eye to the constant complaints of over-running and out of control garbage.

And while goose droppings are actually used and sold as fertilizer in many countries, used condoms, empty plastic beverage bottles, paper plates, plastic food containers, cigarette butts and beer cans are not.

If it is true that the PPA's goal was and is to "maintain the goose population," it has failed. There were 467 resident and beloved Canada Geese in our park, gracing our lake.  The current number is 15, by my own count. And yet Goose Busters is still being paid to sic border collies and have workers drown their progeny in corn oil.  

Please call 311 or the Prospect Park Alliance and ask them (very nicely) to end their contract with Goose Busters.  There are 15 geese in the park.  Wouldn't that money be better spent cleaning up the enormous amount of garbage that is now festering throughout the park and at the bottom of that lake? 

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Johanna Clearfield May 25, 2011 at 04:50 AM
Please see Channel 12's coverage of the recent rally held by Friends of Animals and local residents to protect our geese -- http://www.news12.com/archive/articleDetail.jsp?articleId=277376&position=1&news_type=news
Johanna Clearfield May 26, 2011 at 05:24 PM
For the most comprehensive information on the history of the attack on our nation's wildlife - please go to: http://www.canadageese.org/eis2002.html This website is "The coalition to prevent the destruction of Canada Geese" which mysteriously "disappeared" much like the 400 Prospect Park Geese. There is no information on the group or any of its members.
Mr. Norman May 31, 2011 at 02:35 AM
The tip of the iceberg on the vast killing-machine industry for killing Canada Geese. It extends from the Department of Agriculture (DOA) down through most of the lower 48 states. There are coalitions of hunters whose members each get $50 for every goose mother and baby gosling killed; to all kinds of snoots (like our Prospect Park board and other righteous self-appointed guardians, etc.); to avid golfers (such as, for instance, our benighted Mayor) who hate goose poop, which is utterly harmless and good for the soil as its vegetarian; down to the vast majority of the disinterested public, who really don't care about the extent of this tragedy. Geese are rounded up and massacred when they molt and mate : THAT PERIOD IS RIGHT NOW THRU EARLY JULY WHEN THEY ALL CANNOT FLY ! ! ! They mate for life and have families with fathers and mothers and little gosling babies. And then the goon squad often with police protection swoops down and takes them ALL and stuffs them into a CO2 box wherein they die a horrendous tortured death that takes up to 1/2 hour -- imagine a half hour -- suffocating! For, since they can dive under water they are not at all quickly killed through this method. It has been condemned by major international veterinary associations, yet in this country no one speaks up against it! Why? (Follow the money ?!)
Mr. Norman May 31, 2011 at 02:45 AM
In fact, New York State (it goes up much further than our Mayor) has decided and contracted to kill 10,000 geese this year (per NY Times articles, and others a few months ago)! Ten thousand times $50 for the old boys as well as expenses supplemented by the DOA to recommended organizations is a lot of incentive. Incentive to keep this going. Incentive to distort the facts. Incentive to not look clearly and comprehend what is happening. The Canada Geese that were hit by the plane that landed in the Hudson a few years back did not live here and WERE MIGRATING GEESE that pass through the great migratory air way along the Atlantic coast and DO NOT NEST HERE. This was proven through genetic samples taken from the plane and entered as evidence to the official investigation on the crash. These migratory geese are protected by international treaties. But the Canada Geese that live here much of the year, since they are considered local as well as pests, have been brought under the control of the state (with support and assistance by the DOA). WE MUST STOP THIS KILLING NOW ! ! !


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