Brooklyn Girl Lending a Hand in Nicaragua

Support Erica Meyer in her trip to Nicaragua on gofundme.com.

Via gofundme.com
Via gofundme.com
Brooklyn girl Erica Meyer spent a few weeks last summer doing charity work in Thailand, and now she's off to Nicaragua with a mission.

The fundraiser on gofundme.com reads:

"I will be teaming up with Justifi, an organization devoted to promoting social justice abroad, to address this issue in Northern Nicaragua. 

With your help, I will be working with local communities to save their land from logging and destruction, and with children on education projects to ensure their forests, and the endangered species that live there, remain intact and thriving for generations to come. We will also be teaching skills necessary to help these people support themselves in ways besides cutting down the tropical rainforests in their backyards."

Started at the end of November, the campaign has raised $940 and is just short of its $1,200 goal.


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