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The Lost Patrol
The Lost Patrol began in the late 1990's as an experimental project of soundtrack music. The band consists of musicians/writers Mollie Israel, Stephen Masucci and Michael Williams. Their music is characterized by lush, resounding electric and acoustic guitars, deep synth textures and, most importantly, hauntingly distinctive female vocals.

Although some of the names and faces have changed over the band’s brief history, their signature eclectic soundscapes and captivating timelessness remained a constant throughout their vast body of work. It was only after finding vocalist Mollie Israel in early 2008 that The Lost Patrol gained a new strength and consistency in both the writing and performing they needed to complete their most powerful lineup to date. Assisting in the bands recording efforts over the years is Grammy Award winning engineer Larry Alexander, who has worked with other notables such as Sisters of Mercy, Suicide, and David Bowie.

Over the past few years, their albums "Midnight Matinee" (2008) and "Dark Matter" (2010) have received much critical acclaim. Both albums reached the #1 slot for multiple weeks on various CMJ charts. Additionally, these releases made several top album lists of 2008 and 2010, respectively. The band has been featured in New York’s longstanding music magazine, The Big Takeover and were given nods from Magnet Magazine on the video work for their songs "Nobody There" and "Calling Your Own Name", both of which were directed by Mollie Israel. The Lost Patrol's music has also received positive recognition from fans and critics around the globe, including Australia, Serbia, Japan, Italy, Spain, and Peru - transcending the borders of nations and genres and creating a world of its own.

Since early 2010, The Lost Patrol have been gaining momentum with music placement in The CW's hit television show 'Gossip Girl', and noted film director Hal Hartley's new project 'Meanwhile'. The band will also appear on the big screen in writer/director Amy Heckerling's new film 'Vamps' (2012) with tracks from their albums 'Midnight Matinee', 'Dark Matter' and some new music from their 2011 release 'Rocket Surgery.

The Lost Patrol continues to grow and evolve with their elegant mixture of cinematic soundscapes and retro-futuristic pop, playing live performances on both the east and west coasts. Some of their favorite tour spots include New York, Nashville, Detroit, and Los Angeles, where they have had the immense pleasure of playing the world famous Whisky A Go Go.

"Slothrust is the perfect soundtrack for brooding on a gloomy day and would be a good way to psych yourself into finally telling your boss to go fuck himself (please exercise caution for the latter). Melding clean, bluesy guitar riffs with lo fi, scratchy vocals, the trio from Bronxville is strangely reminiscent of Morphine... only not really. Listening to their music can actually be a little confusing, sometimes feeling so familiar that drawing a comparison becomes irresistible, though nothing really fits." - The New England Deli

Iced Ink
Iced Ink is/are/am an instrumental surf-jazz-metal guitar – drum – bass – percussion group that was concocted within the snowy bowels of St. Paul, MN in 1998 by a guitar playing dude named Mike Krenner. Suffering from severe M.A.D.D. (not the moms/drunk driving one but the Musical Attention Defecit Disorder one), he wanted to be in too many different styles of bands at once – metal, funk, surf, pop, rock, jazz, rockabilly… the list goes on and on. Critics have hailed Iced Ink as "a band that plays music" citing their music as "incredibly audible" as well as "full of notes". Listen for yourself and you'll hear - there's definitely notes in the music.

Heldin hail from the forgotten streets of Brooklyn's waterfront in Red Hook. A 3 piece turned 4 piece fronted by a diminutive pirate queen, whose howling whiskey soaked vocals wrap themselves around a distorted crushing blend of slow melodic blues and pulverizing swampy metal riffs have been destroying audiences in New York for over a year and are soon to release their debut album Profungalactic.

Recorded at Seizures Palace (Swans, Khanate, Dresden Dolls) in Brooklyn by Jason LaFarge, features Aubrey Smith on vocals whose versatile voice has accompanied acts as varied as Broken Social Scene, The Batterie and Percy Jones & MJ-12 with Phil Kester on drums, from Gongzilla, Elliptical Ferns, Drumplay and The Batterie and Frank McDermott on guitars from We Are All Savages and Jason LaFarge on bass from Hallux and Pineal Ventana.

As a live act they have impressed audiences with their loud and intense swirling maelstrom of crushing bass driven blues metal and disturbed lyrical forays accompanied by Smith's personal attack on an aging and helpless Wurlitzer. Her startling voice ranges from the lost cries of Billie Holiday to the menacing roars of a demonic grizzly tied to the mast of a sinking ship. The riffs and melodies have influences that draw from Harvey Milk, Melvins and Dickless, but re-work them into an original soul destroying blend of bliss, lust, revenge and carnage.

Assorted Animals
Assorted Animals is just what it sounds like: a collection of beasts. Grady hails from southern California and brings with him a strong background of punk, ska, surf, hiphop, and rock. Laura, a southern New Jersey native, has quite the taste for electronica, prog, triphop, and grunge. Brandon brings an insatiable love for metal and melodic rock from his home of central Colorado.

Assorted Animals formed in January 2011, originally calling themselves The Creative Differences. they oscillated between a trio and 4-piece, with bassist Art Frick joining them for a few early months. ultimately, the Animals settled into being a 3-piece under the new name of Moniker for almost a year. Evolution occurred: the very contrasting songwriting styles of Grady and Laura began to mesh and meld, and each of the band members embraced their city lives/experiences and more wholly incorporated them into the music. Hours, days, weeks, months of practicing, recording, engineering, experimenting, and living solidified a triforce of musicality into a singular essence. Material was reworked and instruments were approached as previously undiscovered limbs; Assorted Animals was born.

AA can best be described as funky, dancey, electro-infused rock with an edge of metal/dash of darkness/pinch of punk (pop for taste). The music continues to grow as the band members do, as the times change, as our minds bend, as the city grows more curiously under the skin; we slowly become fused with our inevitably carnal sonic bloodstreams.

The shows are raw, recordings a mixture of honest and ethereal, and the ambition? endless.


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