The Stoop: Nikes, Frog Head Water Bottles and an Agatha Christie Collection

This week we found shoes, books and a novelty water bottle from Rain Forest Café.


The Nike Air Max Barkley, after the former professional basketball player Charles Barkley, was this week’s most prized stoop find.

The pair of shoes have the old school look and what better NBA star to represent?

A little tackier of a find was the pair of novelty water bottles from the Rain Forest Café. The plastic screw tops are in the shape of a frog. And on what occasion would you use these…? It looks like there isn’t one, and that’s why we found them discarded stoop-side.  

In a box of books, there was a great big volume, “The New Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie.” Looks like you can lay in bed, fill up the tub and end the night in an armchair and still have enough mystery stories to fill up a day of reading.

A stoop-item that brought back memories from teenaged partying was a CD mix with songs like “Ray of Light,” by Madonna, “Does Your Mother Know” by ABBA and “Bitter Sweet Symphony,” by The Verve.

A great find, one that you might see on a down-home country porch, was a pair of white whicker rocking chairs. 


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