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Subway Moving into Leaf N Bean Space on Seventh Ave.

The submarine sandwich chain will replace a vacant storefront between Union Street and Berkeley Place, becoming the second location of the chain in Park Slope.


Park Slope is full of mom-and-pop shops, but their doors have been closing throughout the neighborhood, only to be replaced by big chain stores and fast food franchises.

A perfect example of a national franchise replacing a small, local business that closed on was confirmed Wednesday:

According to the building manager, the space formerly home to on Seventh Avenue will become a Subway, the submarine sandwich chain.

Abraham Sigman, the manager of the building between Union Street and Berkeley Place, said that a construction crew has started building the Subway, which will be the second location on Seventh Avenue, but he is not sure when it will open.  

Leaf N Bean, which opened in 1973,  this year.

The coffee and tea specialty shop had hit hard times, according to Victoria Cook the co-owner of the shop, and business was bad starting in 2008. Back in January, Cook said that six months before the recession hit the rest of the country, Leaf N Bean started to feel the economic downturn. 

Cook said that they weren’t going out of business, but rather closing down the shop and moving out until they can find a cheap space somewhere in the neighborhood. They have opened just down the street, on Lincoln Place off Seventh Avenue.

A construction worker at the new Subway space, John Li, said on Wednesday that the fast food sandwich shop may open in two months.  

A Park Slope resident who lives near the old Leaf N Bean space, which has a great big storefront window that the former tenants used to decorate with holiday scenes, said that she doesn’t want to see Subway fill the vacant space.

“I am extremely disappointed such an amazing space with a great old storefront is being turned into a cheap and ugly chain food franchise,” Samantha Safer wrote to Patch in an e-mail. “People need to stop this before the space is completely destroyed.”

What do you think about Subway replacing Leaf N Bean? Let us know in the comments section below. 

This article was updated on Thursday to include Leaf N Bean's new location on Lincoln Place just off Seventh Avenue. 

Steve LeVine August 23, 2012 at 12:46 PM
This is like antimatter being mixed with matter. Park Slope, rapidly becoming known as the destination of food goodness now has to deal with the epitome of everything wrong in food service. The only thing I have ever found redeeming about Subway is the smell of fresh baked bread. It ends there like suddenly waking from an incredible dream. The quality of the meat and ingredients is substandard. They give almost nothing and charge a lot. The workers are usually depressed drones. Hopefully in less than a year we'll see a vacancy announcement about this very spot.
Justin Scarborough August 23, 2012 at 01:20 PM
I'm as sad as anyone about this, but I never actually shopped at L&B on a regular basis. I question how many lamenters here actually supported it in the past 10 years. The fact is that the store didn't offer any discernable value over any other stores in the nabe (better coffee and kitchen wares elsewhere). While I really wish a local business would have replaced it, you can't dismiss the obvious truth that business models die and mom & pops are generally the last to recognize that or evolve. Maybe Park Slope needs a Biz Bureau to consult on new/existing local business. Or if it has one, it needs to do a better job.
Shelly Weiss August 23, 2012 at 03:00 PM
I'm heartsick over the loss of this kitschy shop, complete with those awesome windows, a vestige of the 19th century spinning out seasonal scenes. The scent inside incredible, and for 20 years always high on my gift list shopping. Admittedly, the gift shopping moved to Nancy's and then Scaredy Kat, also independents, and the coffee prices got me looking for bargains elsewhere. Oh, if I knew it would come to this, I so wish I had been more devoted in the last 10 yrs. Not another Subway. I'm upset, and upset with me for ignoring it's well-being.
peter petino August 23, 2012 at 04:48 PM
I hope most that read this do not buy subway food - Just hit them in the pocketbook. Given the area I bet it does not last.
Will Yakowicz August 23, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Hi Shelly, if you want to still shop at Leaf N Bean you still can! They opened on Lincoln Place just off Seventh Ave.


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