Sesame Noodles at Dumplings & Things

Don't let the main event distract you at Fifth Avenue's new dumpling spot.

At the newly opened Dumplings & Things on Fifth Avenue between Fifth and Sixth streets, you shouldn’t let the dumplings distract you from ordering the restaurant’s real pièce de résistance: the sesame noodles with peanut sauce.

Don’t get me wrong, the dumplings – in five varieties, pan-fried or steamed – are surely quite tasty. But the sesame noodles are not only transcendent; at just $3 for a heaping plate of noodles, they’re a steal. In my broke college days, I would have welcomed replacing my thrifty bagel with butter lunch combo with the sesame noodles from Dumplings & Things.

In this dish, a meal-sized portion of soba noodles gets tossed, cold, with carrots, chopped cucumber, cilantro and sesame seeds. Then, the whole plated gets doused in a good-sized helping of peanut sauce.

It’s a dish that’s heavy on umami and has great texture – the cucumbers crunching in your mouth adds a great lightness and brightness to it. Served cold, I imagine it would be the perfect light lunch for one of these hot, sticky summer days we’re due for any day now.

Of course, if you must have dumplings, they’re a pretty good bargain, too – as is pretty much everything else on the menu, with the most expensive items weighing in at $5 (and pretty much everything is delicious, with the exception of the weirdly sweet garlic-cucumber salad).

But if you really want the most bang for your buck, don’t miss out on the sesame noodles.

David May 23, 2011 at 03:56 PM
Hope the sesame noodles are as good as you claim. My favorite sesame noodles used to come from Red Hot Szechuan -- best I ever had. The recipe must've changed when that place became Red Hot II, since they are nowhere near as good. I've been searching for a worthy replacement ever since. I'll certainly check out Dumplings & Things.


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