Piccola Uva Wine Bar & Pizza to Open on Seventh Ave. Soon

Construction is complete in the space that used to be Chickadee Chick and will soon sell $1 slices of pizza and gourmet entrees.


Soon, you'll be able to grab a glass of vino, sit along Seventh Ave. and eat anything from a $1 slice to New Zealand baby lamb chops.

The space between First St. and Garfield Pl. will come to life "any day now," said owner Martino Pisani, explaining that he's just waiting for his wine and beer license to open Piccola Uva Wine Bar & Pizza.

"Everything is done, construction is finished and all I have to do is hang the license up on the wall once it comes," Pisani said, who has owned Tutta Pasta across the street for five years.

Just last week, Pisani held a free pizza tasting during lunchtime for the kids in the neighborhood. 

"The students loved it and are they are ready to make lines once we open," he said.

To celebrate the grand opening of his Italian wine cafe and restaurant, he will have a ribbon cutting. He said he has already invited the Commanding Officer of the 78th Precinct, Captain Michael Ameri and other officers from his force. He has also invited the principal of P.S. 321. He said he is doing the $1 slices of gourmet brick oven pizza "for the kids of the neighborhood."

But with dishes like New Zealand baby lamb chops ($27), sirloin steak ($25) and Mediterranean sea bass, and a serious wine collection with his own wine connoisseur from Italy on hand every night, it's going to be a great place for a date. 

Their menu also includes grilled calamari, fried shrimp and calamari, stuffed artichoke and more for appetizer, which ranges from $8 to $11. They will also have salads and bruschetta for $6 to $8.

The wine man, Umberto Corsin, was born in Genoa, Italy. Corsin said that he will serve wine in 8.5-oz. quartinos. The menu will have about 30 different bottles, which will be sitting in wooden wine racks hanging on the brick wall.

"Our selection will be focused 80 percent on Italian wine and the rest from France and California," Corsin said. 

But, depending on demand, he will collect wines from any region. His goal is to serve an array of great wines that are slightly off the mainstream.

"The wine world has evolved and basically there's no region that produces bad wine, and we'll serve the best," he said.

When construction started four months ago in the 600 sq. ft. space, Pisani said he was excited to put "life" back into the strip of Seventh Ave. that had two vacant spaces. Now with his restaurant opening soon and Pinkberry in full swing, he feels like this block long strip is alive again.

"There's a good feeling on the block again. Everyone is passing by, reading the menu and asking when will we open," he said. "I'm excited to start this new venture."


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