Park Slope Prepares for Snow, Locals Buy Shovels, Sleds and Ice Melt

At Tarzian True Value on Seventh Avenue, hordes of locals buys supplies to fight, and have fun with, the impending snow.


While Park Slopers wait for the blizzard, expected to bring over a foot of snow Friday night, sales at a Seventh Avenue hardware store are steadily climbing.

At Tarzian True Value, a hardware store on the corner of Second Street, shovels, sleds, and ice melt are flying off the racks.

According to a cashier at Tarzian, sales have been abnormally high for a Friday afternoon.

“It’s all about shovels, sleds and ice melt today,” said Teri Cruz, who was working the store’s cashier late Friday morning. “We opened today at 8:30 a.m. and by 11:30 a.m. we already made over $1,000 in cash alone.”

Patrick Crativill, a salesman, said they had prepared for the influx in sales by bringing their entire stockpile of supplies up into the store from the basement Thursday night.

“We need as many goods up here as possible, it’s been one of our best days for business,” Crativill explained. “Supplies are already pretty bare, the last 24 to 36 hours has been brisk business.”

A father, whose daughter is 4 years old, came in to buy a toboggan.

“I’m going to bring my daughter to the park to sled down the hill near Ninth Street,” Tim Moore said. “I hope the blizzard comes, the kids didn’t have any snow for sledding last year. I’m hoping for a big snow.”

But not all customers were excited, or enthusiastic about the storm’s Disney character name.

“It’s a storm, it doesn’t have a name,” said Charlotte Nil, who was buying a shovel for her stoop and sidewalk. “My husband has a crappy old shovel, it’s not going to be easy if a foot comes as forecasted.”

However, most patrons were excited about Nemo.

New Park Slope resident and actress, Debi Mazar (known for HBO series “Entourage” and movies like “Goodfellas”), bought two saucers and one toboggan from Tarzian, which she referred to as her “local hardware store.”

“I hope it snows, we just relocated from Los Angeles and my children have never seen a snow storm. My kids are so excited,” Mazar said, explaining that she went to Home Depot, Lowe’s and Ikea but they were all sold out of sleds.

“My husband is a chef and our friends are sleeping over for the night, he’s going to make a big dinner,” Mazar said. “We’ll have nothing do to except hope the snow comes.”


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