Owner of Tutta Pasta to Open Restaurant and Wine Bar on Seventh Ave.

Chickadee Chick’s former space will be transformed into an Italian restaurant, pizzeria and wine café.

The space that used to serve hot juicy birds on Seventh Avenue, which has been closed for some time, will be a restaurant, pizzeria and wine café come Sept.

The owner of , on Seventh Avenue between Garfield Place and First Street, is transforming the space that used to be into a small restaurant with an outdoor café and will serve dishes ranging from baby lamb chops for $24 to $1 slices of pizza.

Martino Pisani, who has owned Tutta for five years, told Patch that his new venture right across the street from his restaurant will be named Piccola Uva Wine Bar & Pizza.

“We’ll serve wine, food to go and sit down,” Pisani said. “It’ll be good quality food, but not too expensive.”

He said that his new restaurant will be very small, the whole space is only 600 square feet, and sit about 35 to 40 people including the outdoor café.

Their menu includes grilled calamari, fried shrimp and calamari, stuffed artichoke and more for appetizer, which ranges from $8 to $11.

They will also have salads and bruschetta for $6 to $8.

For dinner they will be serving New Zealand baby lamb chops ($27), sirloin steak ($25) and other dishes.

But what Pisani, who was born in Italy, is most excited about is his pizza. He is bringing a pizza chef from Naples to cook pies in his brick oven. They will have “create your own” pies, anything from sausage and peppers to ham and pineapple, or “whatever the customer wants, we’ll make sure we have it,” for $14.

But, they will also serve slices for $1. Pisani said that although selling $1 slices of gourmet, brick oven pizza will not make him any money, he is doing it for the kids in the neighborhood.

“I want to help accommodate the hungry kids at the schools nearby who want to buy a cheap lunch,” Pisani said. “It doesn’t matter if I don’t make money on the slices, we have plenty of things to make money on and it’s for the kids.”

With the dinner menu of fish, lamb, chicken and steak and over 30 different types of wines, Pisani thinks it’ll be a great place to unwind with a bottle and some friends on Seventh Avenue.

He picked Chickadee Chick’s space out of proximity to Tutta, but also because he didn’t like how half of the block on Seventh Avenue, between Garfield and First, was shuttered for some time.

“I’m hoping to put some energy into Seventh Avenue, this section of the block has been dead,” he said.

He expects to open sometime between Sept. 1 and 14, depending on construction and getting his wine and beer license from the State Liquor Authority.

He also said that the inside will feature exposed brick walls, lined with wooden wine racks and an open kitchen. On top of the roof, above the awning, will be a wine barrel.

“I am excited for the restaurant and the outdoor café tables. We’ll make this block feel alive again,” Pisani said.

Steve LeVine July 31, 2012 at 01:34 PM
I'll wish him well on the new venture, not convinced I'll try it, though. My wife and I ate at Tutta Pasta a few years ago. The experience was not good- horrible service (with attitude, no less) bland, uninspired food that was severely overpriced. Considering there are so many great choices in the immediate area and now in the Windsor Terrace area, they'll have to be something very special. I'll let others be the Guinea pigs first and wait to see overwhelming reviews.
NELLAB August 01, 2012 at 07:35 AM
NELLAB August 01, 2012 at 07:46 AM


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