Ici Reigns Supreme

You can't do much better than this French restaurant on DeKalb Avenue.

Ici is one of the best restaurants in Fort Greene.

A meal at this French bistro with an emphasis on seasonal fare is a treat worth the cost.

We chose to have our meal in the restaurant’s backyard, a quaint deck with several trees looming overhead.

Dinner began with the sautéed squid salad with radishes and Meyer lemon ($10). The combination of flavors was stunning. Lemon and squid is a familiar, consistently delicious combination, but the fresh radishes elevated the appetizer to another level. The crunch of the radish and the chewy, fresh squid was a surprisingly perfect blend of textures.

Then came the pies de resistance: a pork chop big enough to feed two Great Danes.

This fresh cut of pork ($28) had a half-inch thick piece of fat along its edge, and was as tender as a rack of ribs. The meat was juicy throughout, and served atop a bed of polenta, baby Swiss char. Combined with the mushroom jus, this was one of the best pieces of pork I’d ever eaten.

For dessert — at this point the meal was approaching new heights of decadence — we shared four ricotta fritters served with a warm chocolate sauce. They were essentially fancy, homemade doughnuts with a slight hint of ricotta. They were simple and delicious.

Fort Greene and Clinton Hill have a wide variety of culinary delights, and Ici has to be high on the list. Save up some cash and treat yourself, it is worth it.

Furtgo May 01, 2011 at 10:08 PM
I know where it is, but address and contact information of restaurants are always appreciated!
McCarton Ackerman May 01, 2011 at 11:06 PM
Thanks for your comment, Furtgo. Just so everyone has it: Ici is at 246 Dekalb Ave., between Clermont Ave. and Vanderbilt Ave. (718) 789-2778; http://www.icirestaurant.com


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