French-Hungarian Cafe and Wine Bar to Replace Ozzie's on Seventh Ave.

The new cafe will use the historic landmarked space's roots to serve coffee, crepes, goulash and wine in a neighborhood-style joint.

It was a pharmacy, long ago. Then it was . And soon, it'll be a French-Hungarian café and wine bar.

The owners are not set on a name for their café, but they are temporary naming it "Café Des Amis."

The space on Seventh Avenue and Lincoln Place has big shoes to fill, for Ozzie's served the neighborhood for almost two decades.

But co-owner Gabor Ferencz, who came from Hungary eight years ago, said that'll be no problem to take over the space and turn it into a new neighborhood locale.

"I’m excited, it’s going to be a great space for the whole neighborhood,” Ferencz said. “We are here for the long haul, over ten years. We want to be known for food, service and hospitality.”

The historic attributes, like the facade's plate glass sign with "Trusses Belts Candy" will remain and so will the sign that used to be on Ozzie's back wall that read, "Prescriptions." However, that will be moved to the sidewall above the wine bar.

"It'll be funny and historic at the same time," Ferencz said, explaining that the sign will now be used to sell wine instead of prescription drugs.

The tables will be made out of all different kinds of wood, from walnut to English oak, and the café will be speckled with Edison light bulbs to accentuate the original wood doors and walls.

Now for the food: since it's French and Hungarian it'll serve just as many crepes as it will goulash, said the other owner, Murat Ozcan, who is French and also owns on Seventh Avenue.

He also said he is going to bring over his duck salad from Couleur and there will be quiche, soup, sandwiches and pastries.

Wine will be from all different kinds of countries. The coffee will be Blue Bottle from San Francisco.

But one cool feature that the duo hopes will excite their customers is the back wall, which is painted with magnetic paint. Right now an antique camera is stuck to the wall, along with a spoon and some other antiques (and not so antique things).

"It can hold up to ten pounds," Ferencz said. "We hope it'll be a conversation starter."

But come end of May when they expect to open, their overall goal in starting a new café in a historic place—for landmarks and coffee—is to become a staple along Seventh Avenue’s business district.

“We want people to know us as the Park Slope neighborhood café and wine bar,” Ferencz said. 

Jenny May 01, 2012 at 12:02 PM
sounds like a good place to getvto know.
Patti May 01, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Two of my favorite types of food French and Hungarian. Wow!; all in one spot. Can't wait to try it.
A. Ginsberg May 02, 2012 at 12:10 AM
Will it be open for lunch, Ozzie customers where staff and students from Berkely Carroll


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