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War Photography on Display at Brooklyn Museum

New exhibition focused on more than a century of warfare and how it is captured.

Courtesy Brooklyn Museum.
Courtesy Brooklyn Museum.
The Brooklyn Museum is now home to over 400 examples of war photography that cover generations of world conflict, inWAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath.

The exhibition debuted on Friday, and features both iconic and heretofore unseen photographs of conflicts including the Crimean War, World War Two and more. 

There are more than 250 photographers on display at the museum. The purpose of the exhibition, according to the curators, is to show "the evolution of the medium by which war is recorded and remembered, and explores the range of experience of armed conflict: recruitment, training, embarkation, daily routine, battle, death and destruction, homecoming, and remembrance."

Interested in checking it out? Head to the museum's website for more information. 


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