Pratt Senior Film Festival Dazzles BAM

A recap of the Pratt Senior Film Festival held at the BAM Rose Cinema

Last night was Pratt's Senior Film Showcase at the BAM Rose Cinemas.  It was the perfect overcast night to take in some short films and possibly catch the next Spike Lee or Stanley Kubrick in action.  Then again, I knew I could also end up watching films that would make Uwe Boll proud (think BloodRayne II: Deliverance).  

I have to admit that I wanted to be dazzled.  Not by a student director making the next Citizen Kane, but just by a student director justifying the cost of film school.  Over the course of an hour, nine short films were shown.  They ranged from an experimental film of a girl in a tenuous mental state flirting with murder, to a movie about a “pirate” community that forms in a boat on Newtown Creek.  

My favorite was "Premonition," by Arthur Thompson, a film that tells the story of a young woman's death as it is predicted by her psychic.  Pick out your own favorite on May 15th - your last chance to catch the showcase and play Roger Ebert for the day.  You can also watch some clips I shot in the theatre during the showcase - they are shot just slightly better than the bootleg you may be able to buy in Chinatown if one of these students hits it big.  


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