Photo of the Day: Slimer on the Graffiti Truck of Park Slope

Nothing like a truck covered in graffiti, right? But what about Ectoplasm?

Anything can be a canvas when it comes to spray painting. 

This truck, which is seen driving and parking throughout Park Slope every week, is one of our favorites.

This one section of the truck depicts a green, blob-like monster not unlike "Slimer" from the movie Ghostbusters. Also known as "the spud," this ghost— which is made out of pure “Ectoplasm”— was the Ghostbusters' first successfully captured ghosts. 

Today, send in pictures of graffiti or, if you are able to, anything that reminds you of the beloved and hungry Slimer. Upload pictures to this article, our Facebook page or send them to Will.Yakowicz@Patch.com


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