Tipi Artist Stikes Again!

Another set of tipis popped up this week in Prospect Park.

Although the Department of Parks and Recreation , they keep popping up throughout the park. 

On a recent jaunt, two new tipis, which a spokesman for the Prospect Park Alliance suggested are pieces of art rather than habitats, appeared not too far off the beaten path. 

Near Grand Army Plaza, one of the lean-to like structures had a leather case with a large electronic of some sort inside. It was not big enough for a person to stretch out and get a good night rest, but one could curl up in the fetal position.

However, the second one was more obviously a piece art. The tipi was tiny, not even knee high, and was made with up sticks standing nearly straight up and was covered with leaves. There was even a small opening in the front, but no creature except a chipmunk would be able to fit inside.

What do you guys think: Are these cool pieces of art in the park? Or are these “illegal structures” that must be dismantled? 


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