THE STOOP: Halloween Decorations, Skulls and a Jason Voorhees Mask

Preparing for Halloween can be expensive, but if you go stoop searching you can find a costume for free.


If you are planning to go to a pop-up Ricky’s to find a costume for Halloween, don’t waste your money (or time on the store’s long lines).

All you need to do in order to find a killer costume for this year’s spookiest night is to take a walk around Park Slope and go stoop searching.

As the first commercials for Halloween aired on TV this year, Slopers began to put out their old Halloween costumes and decorations for the taking.

For this week’s The Stoop, we found all kinds of ghoulish and ghostly stoop items—ranging from the iconic Jason Voorhees hockey mask (the killer camper from New Jersey from the movie series, “Friday The 13th”) to a mummified candy basket.

One of the more graphic and bloody Halloween items found on a stoop was a tiny toddler-sized zombie mask with a blood-filled mouth and brains poking out of its skull.

We also found a string of festive lights that spell “Halloween,” a black wig, a large skull wall decoration and a turtle shell.

However, the best find was not covered in dried crimson syrup or fake brains. Instead, the best costume was an ornate lion mask with iron horns and a goatee.

Keep stoopin’ it scary, Park Slope!

What’s your favorite Halloween-themed stoop item? Let us know in the comments section below.


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