SweetWolf’s is Open!

The highly anticipated Sixth Avenue restaurant opened this past Saturday.

Before SweetWolf’s opened its doors, or even decided what it will serve, . Now, it is hoping to become somewhat of a neighborhood sensation.

The restaurant, owned by Eric Wolf and Tim Judge, the former manager of , created its menu through community input on its Facebook page.

For the first week or so SweetWolf’s menu will change daily. The restaurant, which is on Sixth Avenue between 12th and 13th streets, is only serving dinner until Friday, when they will serve their first lunch. Going forward, it will be open starting from 12 p.m. for lunch and 4 p.m. for dinner.

“We are so humbled by the support and feedback we have gotten from our neighbors and we have listened. Our menu features many ideas from our Facebook friends and all the suggestions have helped us to gain direction,” Judge wrote in an E-mail, explaining that most of their classic American comfort food will be cooked in their wood fired brick oven. “We look forward to having you join us.” 

Tuesday’s menu is full of meat, poultry, fish, vegan and vegetarian dishes. Judge E-mailed Park Slope Patch the menu below:

  • Crab cake with apple butter, Dijon, arugula and Old Bay vinaigrette. 
  • Quinoa and basil stuffed artichoke with yogurt dill dip. 
  • Vegetarian French onion soup with or without smoked Gouda. 
  • Warm frisée salad with roasted garlic, beets, apple and goat cheese with a Champagne vinaigrette. 
  • Radicchio salad with dried cherries, candied pecans, Gorgonzola Dolce and balsamic reduction. 
  • Wood fired crispy skin organic chicken breast with braised radish and duck fat fingerling potatoes. 
  • Bacon fat infused Waygu beef burger, Jameson-sweet chili onions, smoked Gouda and pomme frites in duck fat with plum ketchup.  

The final menu will be chosen after week of patron input and have a rotating list of specials.

The restaurant is closed on Mondays and is open from Tuesday through Friday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. for lunch and 4 p.m. to close for dinner.

On Monday’s, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., the space is run by Forty Weight Coffee Roasters, an Upstate New York sustainable coffee company. SweetWolf’s is Forty Weight’s flagship location. Tuesday through Friday they are open as a café, with free WiFi, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday starting at 8 a.m.

They serve pour-over, French press and espresso-style java from all over the world. Yesterday, the co-owner and partner of the company, Matt Marks, was behind the copper bar explaining his methods of brewing.

The co-owner, roaster and “the brains” behind the operation, Andrew Ballard, ships the beans from a town near Ithaca down to Brooklyn. He does small batches, never roasting more than nine pounds at a time. His baby is an espresso blend he worked on for two years and it is finally complete, named “Pressure Drop.”

They do not throw away any of the grinds, Marks explained as he lifted up a bucket filled with the brown clumps he will bring to a farmer’s market to be used as compost.

On Monday, after their first couple of nights serving dinner, the place buzzed with caffeinated patrons sitting at the community table with their laptops. Many of them stole glances at the brick oven inside the glass-encased kitchen, waiting for it to be burning wood and cooking food they have been waiting to taste since June.

“I live up the street, so this location is perfect,” said Sarah Stonbely, who has lived in Park Slope since 2008 and was getting a coffee. “I’ve read about their duck fat fries and I am very excited.”


mw November 30, 2011 at 03:59 PM


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