Park Slopers Share How They Prepare for a Snow Storm

Tell us how you are preparing for the impending snow storm.

With a snow storm coming strong enough to be dubbed Winter Storm Hercules, locals are getting ready.

We asked Park Slope Patch readers on Facebook and Twitter if they are concerned about the storm, and what they are doing to prepare. The levels of concern wavered, but everyone is getting ready in their own way.

@CorcoranNYC2h said, "No, and going for beer and cold cuts."

@Bkabak was a little more concerned.

"I'm going into every single store in Park Slope and buying all the milk and bread. May not be able to leave house for hours!"

On Instagram, @ThePalesBlue shared a photo of how her cats are getting ready, "The appropriate response to the impending blizzard #cats."

How are you, or your pets, getting ready for the storm? Are you overly concerned or just simply getting ready for a relaxing night in -- and maybe a late morning as well?


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