Park Slope Wants CitiBikes, Fewer Cell Phone Stores, Trashcans and More in 2014

Patch asked readers what they want to see in Park Slope in 2014, and they had a lot to say.

On Thursday we asked readers on the Park Slope Patch Twitter and Facebook pages, “What do you want to see in Park Slope in 2014?”.

The Patch twitter feed was inundated with suggestions, both sarcastic and serious, from readers. Here's what you had to say:


@DanielKuney17h CitiBike

@psneighbors19h A neighborhood-wide 20 MPH speed limit.

 @mk1121521h Gray's Papaya

@sheiman21h No more new sushi joints!

@kittenwithawhip21h Shake Shack, more trashcans, double-stroller sidewalk lanes, cheaper rents, more parking, fewer cell phone stores...also a Stew Leonard's.

@Bigovershare20h elevator in one of the subway stations would be sweet.

@CounterfeitGent20h Some @CitibikeNYC stations.

@BrooklynSpoke20h A neighborhood willing to "sacrifice" parking for safer streets.

@UrbfulNYC20h We agree, more trash cans please!

@SNBalzac19h art classes, in full agreement about less sushi & cell phones places. Stationary store.

On Facebook, Stacy Rollins wrote, "More performance spaces east of 4th Ave. Right now, Barbes and Union Hall are the only places within walking distance of me to see live music"

What do you want to see in Park Slope in 2014? Add your suggestion to the comments section below.


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