Bicyclist Recovering From Car Accident Needs One Last Boost

On fourth and final surgery after accident, community can help.

Over two years removed from a severe accident, bicyclist Krys Blakemore is on her fourth and final surgery on the road to recovery and needs one last boost from the Brooklyn community to help.

Fellow bicyclist Chris Pino has started an online campaign to support Blakemore while she can't work after recovering from this final surgery. The page reads:

"Because of how much metal and hardware that was taken out of her bones, she is not allowed to walk without crutches, ride her bike or stand with weight on her right leg for up to 2 months. Working as a mechanic where she is on her feet all day and part time messengering which involves riding all day, Krys is unable to work until her leg has healed properly and she is given the ok from the docs.

The hospital has agreed to help with some medical costs but this won't cover keeping a roof over her head or getting her to and from appointments for physical therapy.

Any money donated will go towards rent, cabs to and from PT and doctors appointments, prescriptions, rental rehab machines, food and nothing else. Every extra cent donated that is not needed to cover the direct costs of being out of work will be donated to the New York Bicycle Messenger Foundation ( www.nybmf.com). NYBMF provides financial support to injured messengers unable to work in New York City."

Thus far, $1,290 has been raised towards the goal of $3,000 by 23 people in the past 10 days. You can donate by clicking the link to gofundme.com above.


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