Atlantic Yards News Roundup

Recent reports on Atlantic Yards from around the web

With the Barclays Center , the hustle and bustle of Atlantic Yards seems to be generating more headlines than ever. Taken together, these stories reflect the controversy and excitement that inevitably comes with such a massive project. Here are a few of the most recent:

Reaction to project mixed among local merchants. Earlier this month, the Real Deal reported on double-edged influence that this colossal construction project has had for local merchants. While lunch joints are thrilled at the noon rush of construction workers each day, other retailers are frustrated by rising rents and long lines that drive regulars away.

When will Carlton Avenue re-open? The ever-vigilant Atlantic Yards Report questions Forest City's claim that the Carlton Avenue bridge will re-open in September.

College basketball partnerships announced. This week brought several announcements regarding plans for next years college basketball season. Fort Greene's Long Island University (playing tonight in the ) revealed plans to play four games at the stadium next year as part of a between the school and the arena. It also became known that the stadium would host next years Coaches Vs. Cancer tournament in November and the Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival in December.

Parking and traffic issues continue to draw scrutiny. Fears over traffic-generation from the arena took new form this week in a debate over the potential use of "stacked parking" at the arena's 1100 car parking lot. Residents fear that the hydraulic lifts used in stacked parking lots will delay entry to the lot and cause long lines of cars. Wednesday, a top official from Forest City Ratner told city officials "we are doing everything we can" to avoid using stacked parking, the New York Post reports.

Construction of residential towers delayed again. The Barclays Center may be shooting up rapidly, but the other elements of the building project continue to hit snags. This week Forest City Ratner again delayed plans to break ground on the residential towers, now saying that building won't start until after the arena opens in September.

Union squabbling amongst construction workers. According to the New York Post, the Amalgamated Carpenters and Joiners Union is horning in on Atlantic Yards workers currently represented by the New York City District Council of Carpenters. The former organization sent 700 mail ballots this week to dock builders around the city, many of whom (despite their name) are involved in non-waterfront projects such as Atlantic Yards.

Which precinct will cover the arena? Early in the week, a leak emerged claiming that the arena would be assigned to the 78th Precinct, but city officials a few days later. Apparently the final decision is still up in the air. Over at Park Slope Patch, you can on who you think should be in charge.


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