A very special home
A very special home

Chiclet Mansion

117 8th Avenue, Parkslope

This is a true “love at first sight” story in the real estate community. The Novogratz family had witnessed the sign installation and immediately pulled their car over and requested a viewing with their 5 children filling the empty mansion with laughter and within a 48 hours of the house being viewed, it was “swept off its feet” and a contract was signed.  

The Jameson Family had proudly owned it for about 60 years and each of their tenants (some as long as 30 years!) had only the kindest of words to speak about their landlord. For decades, Gloria Farran had shared a friendly relationship with both Carter and Arlene Jameson took responsibility to care for her rentals at the Chiclet Mansion. 

A brokerage war started to brew in the Park Slope real estate world, as everyone heard of the “Chiclet” Mansion being put on the market and taken off so quickly.   After the offer was put in,  Farran & Associates Real Estate’s phones were ringing off their hooks with agents wanting to offer their clients this magnificent piece of history.  

Some even called the seller themselves to offer a higher price, but the sellers kept their word and put their trust in the hands of Farran & Associates knowing that they could rely on Farran to help achieve the best possible objective to pass the mansion on to the next family, this labor of love for future generations.  While modifications and upgrades may be made, this historical structure will maintain its beauty and warmth as a single family’s home for many years to come.

As the realtor, I feel very proud to have successfully provided my services to the seller, I believe that will be made will be in the best interest of the community and may even reconnect the Brooklyn of the past to its modern spirit. Farran & Associates wishes The Novogratz family a warm welcome to Park 

Slope and we hope everyone will show them what makes our neighborhood the best in the borough, if not the city!

Robert Borday

Broker Associate
Farran Associates



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